90 Day New Year Challenge

It’s time to go against the status quo. No more diets, no more extreme training plans, no more detox plans. They do not work.

Our 90 day challenge will get you results whilst you eat the foods you love and enjoy a social life.

Our 90 day challenge will re-shape your habits, beliefs and approach to health and fitness so you can finally tackle it for life and not just for the short term.

Don’t make January 2020 like any other year, it’s time for change.

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What’s included in this 90 day challenge?



​Weekly videos to educate you on the fundamentals of fat loss and muscle gain.


​Weekly recipes with macro breakdowns.


​Meal plan templates to help get you started for all food preferences.


​Our guide to supplements and what ones you should look at using in 2020.


​Weekly videos by our resident nutritionist PhD. Dr Paul Rimmer..


​A customised nutrition plan tailored to your goals.



​A personalised training plan that you can do at home or in the gym.


​Weekly bonus challenge workouts by Louise & Ryan.


​Weekly training videos by Ryan to give you tips on how to improve each lift to boost your strength and muscle mass..


​Resistance band workouts to go along with your training.



​Access to our private Facebook support group which has been an integral part of previous challenges success.


​1-1 Email Support.


​Weekly Check-ins with our team to discuss your training, nutrition and progress. Tweaks will be done weekly if necessary.


​Educational videos and posts.

3 x £1000 winners We will be picking 3 winners to win £1000 cash each!

I promise you, this will be the most important health and fitness post you’ll read.

Imagine eating the foods you love, not being a slave to the gym every day of the week and still having a social life…. All whilst getting the results of your dreams.

You can.

95% of diets fail within 3 years.

This means 95% of people lose weight then put it all back on.

Out of the 95%, 33% of them put on MORE weight than before they stated the diet.

We call this the yo-yo effect

Yo-Yo dieting is not only detrimental to our physique but also our mental state.

How many times have you tried to diet starting in Jan over the last 5 years?

3? 4? 5?

But here we are, you’re back again thinking 2020 is the year a diet works.

The chances are, it won’t.

Do you want to join the 95% again this new year and new decade or go down a different path that enables you to get the results whilst also enjoying life?

Imagine it.

No stress about having some “treat” foods.

No stress about going for a drink with a friend.

No stress about eating out at restaurants.

We can help you on this journey, but there’s one important piece of information you need to understand...

For things to change, YOU need to change.

You have to become the change.

By starting a diet you’re going into the mindset that you’re doing something short term. Something that you typically wouldn’t do.

Or something you “don’t” do.

You’re doing something temporarily until your goal is achieved.

Once the goal is achieved? You revert back to your “normal” self.

There lies the issue.

The only way for long-lasting change is for you to change your mindset and lifestyle.

You make changes based on evidence based science and not fad diets.

With our 90-day challenge, we aim to do just that.

We help you follow a plan that’s not restrictive.

Yes, you CAN eat that snickers bar.

You CAN have a chinese takeaway.

You CAN enjoy a meal out with your partner/family.

All whilst still making progress and getting results.

You see, weight loss isn’t complicated.

You must consume fewer calories than your body requires, this will put you in a caloric deficit and you will lose weight.

All fad diets achieve this in many different ways.

Low carb diet? Yep, you’re eliminating an entire food group so the chances are you will be in a caloric deficit.

Paleo? Yep, you are limiting a large chunk of food options so will likely be in a deficit.

Intermittent fasting? Well, you only eat for 8 hours of the day. By limiting how many hours of the day you can eat, you’ll likely be in a deficit and lose weight.

However, all these “diets” have one huge issue.

You don’t know HOW they work, so when it stops working?

You stop or jump to another fad.

The goal isn’t to lose 20lbs.

The goal is to build a system that enables you to live your life whilst losing weight in a sustainable and non-aggressive manner.

The goal is the SYSTEM you build and not the end result.

If you want to lose 20lbs you can follow a 800 cal fad diet.

Guess what? It’s not sustainable, you’ll likely put it all back on.

A waste of time.

The destination isn’t the issue, you will reach your goal weight.

It’s all about the journey on how you get there.

As a society we are experts at losing weight but the opposite when it comes to keeping it off.

We've got you covered.

We’ll help you lose weight (or gain muscle) in a non-aggressive way that means you can still enjoy your life and not feel hungry everyday.

Look at the results we got from the 40-day Christmas challenge...

This was all achieved in less than half the time of this NY challenge during the toughest 2 months of the year.

Imagine what we can do for you...

The top 3 winners of the Xmas Challenge:

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So what do we offer?

Our resident nutritionist Dr Paul Rimmer will be providing weekly videos on this topic so you can blank out the nonsense you see in the news and from other sources with no credibility.

You’ll get weekly check-ins with our team so that we can make sure you’re on track.

We’ll make changes when needed, tell you why and help you improve each week.

Support is ESSENTIAL when it comes to changing your lifestyle.

We don’t just hand you numbers and let you go off for 90 days.

We ensure we hold your hand all the way so that you learn and build confidence and positive momentum.

Positive momentum or the “compound effect” is the basis of all lifestyle changes.

You can either give yourself positive or negative momentum.

The compound effect is either working FOR you or AGAINST you.

We’ll provide you with a 90 day training plan (3 workouts a week) that you can do at home or in the gym.

We’ll ensure that you enjoy your workouts.

Training is hard enough as it is, without making the workouts daunting.

We’ll help you with your technique and questions about the workouts.

Want to get stronger? 87% of our members got stronger following our plans.

Want to improve your confidence? 82% of our members stated their confidence improved noticeably after completing our plans.

Train to improve your mental resilience.

Train to release endorphins and improve your mood.

Train to strengthen your body for everyday life.

We are all busy whether that be long hours in work, looking after kids, long commutes, helping our family out etc.

We build a workout plan that fits into your life.

We don’t expect you to build your life around a workout plan.

By joining this 90 day challenge you’ll have all the tools you need to change your life.

Our 40 day challenge leading up to christmas was a huge success.

On average people lost 12lbs over 40 days all whilst doing this through the hardest 2 months of the year.

They also did this whilst still enjoying the festivities and having a social life.

They did this without the suffering and extreme diets.

They did this without being in the gym 6 days a week.

That’s what we achieved in 40 days.

Imagine what we can do in 90?

Spaces are limited.

The first 100 will get our premium resistance bands bundle for free.

Entries close Jan 12th.

Challenge starts Jan 13th

We will be picking 3 winners to win £1000 each.

Are you ready to start this journey with us that leads to a healthier and happier life?

A journey that you won’t hate but one filled with support, love, evidence based information and results?

An educational journey...

A fun journey...

Your first journey of the new decade...

Make it one that benefits you and your loved ones for life.

A healthy and happy “you”, is the best gift you can give to the world

As Jim Rohn once said

“I’ll look after me, for you, you look after you, for me”

By looking after yourself you’re giving the world and your loved ones the best version of you, and what’s what matters

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Xmas Challenge Reviews

Sarah - Xmas Challenge Winner

Starting weight:

178lbs 4th Nov (was 180 when I initially signed up)

Weight now:

163lbs!!!!!! Whatttt!!

Waist starting: 34in

Waist now: 30in

Arms: 13.5in

Now: 12in!!!

Thighs: 24.5in

Now: 23in!!!

Now for the Biggie which I can absolutely see in my pictures...

Hips: 43.5in

Now: 38.5in!!!!!

I've absolutely LOVED every minute.

It's been challenging, educating and honestly so uplifting it's changed my life.

I'm heading into 2020 at full speed, I've got new goals to gain muscle and definition Thanks a million guys.

This challenge honestly has been amazing and a very very positive experience for me, the support has been second to none and the value for money you offer is so so good for a 1-1 weekly macro guide and email/Facebook support!!!!

I have learnt so much in regards to myself, how I deal with food and how I should be dealing with it. Working out from home was a challenge it takes a different kind of mentality for that but you made it so much easier for me. I've joined the gym for the next phase of my changes and couldn't be happier. I've honestly changed so much for the better , small wins here and there .. I'm sure you may have seen a post that I lost weight from my hands !! Crazy

I honestly will recommend this to everyone I know it's been invaluable to me mentally and physically.

Happy Christmas you're doing a wonderful job of helping others achieve their dreams xx

Anthea - 2nd Place Xmas Challenge

I started this journey at 182lbs and I am now 171lbs (circa 6.5% weight loss in total).

I am thrilled with this result and am feeling content in the knowledge that this is just the beginning of the journey. I’ve got off to a great start and am armoured with the knowledge to continue through the next stages.

Making positive macro decisions has become a pleasure.

Apart from the numbers on the scales, my mental health has improved substantially, this has been the biggest win for me. I truly got more than I bargained for here as I didn’t expect that to be the case. The relationship between my improved self-esteem and my weight loss seems to be linear. (Little pieces of the real me have started to come back!)

What I’ve learned so far is that I don’t have to pass up nights out, I just need to plan for them. In that respect, starting my journey at the start of the silly season was probably the best time to start as it was all about trial and error, and this trial has been a huge success despite it being full of temptation.

So, thank you LLL team. The last 40 days have been truly the best.

Alexia - 3rd Place Xmas Challenge

Week 1

Tummy: 36.5 inches

Ribs: 27inches

Bust: 33inches

Thighs: 24inches

Arms: 12inches

Final week!

Tummy: 33inches

Ribs: 25 inches

Bust: 31inches

Thighs: 22.5inches (both)

Arms: 10inches (both)

I just want to say THANK YOU! Honestly, thank you. Looking back at these pictures has made me realise just how much of a journey my body has been on these last few weeks! I cried! I’m getting back to where I want to be and I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of you guys and the group. For me, this is only just the beginning and I’m so excited to continue on with my nutrition journey. I have tried so many different diets from Atkins, Keto, Herbalife, juice plus, veggie, juice diet and I really couldn’t stick to anything, I was always yoyoing on the scales. You guys have taught me so much and I now understand that it’s all about the right macro’s and the right nutrition. I actually have been eating more now than ever before! And the crazy thing is, I didn’t really exercise! This is just through food. I’ve had a difficult few weeks, financially and emotionally (going back to student life with a toddler is hard!) So mentally it has been mega challenging but I have tried to keep my focus and allowed myself to eat what I like on a few days. I am studying to become a nurse so going into the medical industry with a strong base on nutrition, I feel that I can apply what I’ve been taught into my passion for helping others.

I can’t thank you enough.


Starting weight and measurements

175.4 lbs (79.6 kgs)

36in - waist

45in - hips

Final weight and measurements

163.68 lbs (74.4 kgs)

31in - waist

42in - hips

This challenge I lost 11.4 lbs (5.2kgs), 5inchs on my waist, 3inchs on my hips, 0.5 inches on my arms and 2.5inchs on my leg. Woohoo!!

I cannot begin to thank you to the whole Live Like Louise team- Louise, Ryan and Scott and all the other people working hard in the background! And the online community you have built.

This program actually works, it's sustainable and gave me the support I needed to take back my life. Did I lose all the weight I wanted- No but I'm on the right path. But what I gained:

✔ a new lifestyle and relationship with food

✔ confidence in my own skin

✔ increased my knowledge towards macro targets

✔ I can still enjoy the foods I like without feeling the horrible guilt of failing 'diet'

✔ I learnt to cook new recipes that were healthier to fit with my macros

✔ goal setting, goal planning, meal prepping

✔ my skin is clearer

✔ I feel stronger, physically and mentall

In other words all I can say is THANKYOU..And you will see more progress, because I'm loving the results!


Starting weight:


End weight:


Waist start 72cm

Waist end 65cm

Hey Team,

First of all thanks for all the support over the last few weeks. The lifestyle that you provide us all with is something so simple but having the support and guidance is what will enable us to continue into the future.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and the support yourselves and the girls in the group have offered throughout.

I’ve been on a journey to loose weight for the last couple of years with this year being the final stage before I look to tone up in 2020. Over the summer due to other stresses I became bulimic and couldn’t see a way of balancing my life to stop this. I was well on the way to beating this just before the challenge but struggled when I had bread or a sweet treat and just couldn’t completely crush it. Thanks to this lifestyle and understanding how I can incorporate treats into my macros means I am now 36 days purge free. So thank you and my results have been unreal......


So... I want it thank you guys very much for the support and guidance you have been great. I have bought the 12 week transformation (in the Black Friday sales) going to start in January as a fresh but in the mean time over Christmas I will continue this journey, continue to track when I can but also thoroughly enjoy myself.

You guys have helped me to enjoy exercise!!! I have never ever enjoyed exercise & never understood how it can make people feel good, but now I’ve built a different relationship with it completely!

The relationship I have with food is changing, rather than doing the numerous fad diets over the years and feel really restricted as to what I can eat and then feeling incredibly guilty- it’s been great to eat the food I love and go out for drinks without feeling guilty for eating and drinking what I want. During this challenge it’s been my birthday, I’ve had stressful time due to family members being poorly & I’m in the middle of doing a masters & the amount of work I currently have is very intense - normally I would have used all these things as a big excuse to eat what I want and not care but somehow I’ve managed to keep track of everything and prepare all my food in advance I’m so pleased with this, so thank you!



Weight: 159lbs

Waist: 31 inches


Weight: 152lbs

Waist: 28 inches

The biggest win for me is knowing I can actually lose weight that I have been battling with for the past 2 years since I got diagnosed with my health condition. I was previously a personal trainer and additionally taught many exercise classes a week and was very fit once upon a time (now a physiotherapist). It killed me to see my body change when I got ill, I was embarrassed to meet up with old friends and colleagues. Even with the know how I could not shift any weight and struggled to train, and the main thing that I must thank you guys for is the continual coaching and community spirit within the Facebook group!

In addition to that, I NEVER post on social media photos of myself anymore and I have not changed my profile photo in about 4/5 years. That changed since developing the confidence to post on this group. I really can't thank you guys enough for the work you've put in and how much its helped me.

I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle for the better, and permanently! It allows you the flexibility when life gets in the way and the challenge is a suitable length of time to change habits and keep positive new ones. As a result, I plan on continuing with another plan to keep the good results coming!

What members from the Xmas challenge have to say

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