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121 Health & Fitness Myths: The Ultimate List

If you want to stop wasting your time and ruining your health and fitness progress once and for all, you’ll love this article. We’ve curated a list of the 121 most frequent health and fitness myths and debunked them with science. You can filter through the myths by… Read More

Member Q&A #1

Member Q&A – Hannah Clayton-Scott Name: Hannah Claytor-ScottAge: 28Height: 5ft 6inchWeight: 8 stone 3 poundsBefore/After weight: 9 stone / 8 stone 6 pounds (after 12 week strong plan)What you do for a living: Consultant at a service design consultancyHobbies: Reading, films, and traveling previously but I’ve recently found a new… Read More

5 Ways To Get Over FOMO

FOMO is something the majority of us suffer from most weekends! Here are my top 5 tips on how to reduce the effect of FOMO or get over it completely! There will ALWAYS be more nights out and drinking to be had but not always spare time to focus on… Read More


I’m 30! Ryan wrote this list when he turned 29, and I think it’s fitting to share it now. Here are 30 things Ryan and I have learned in 30 years on this planet.  1. Start your day off with a walk A 20min walk, a 10min jog, a short… Read More


The principles of weight loss are fundamentally simple if you use (burn!) more energy than you consume from food then you will lose weight, hopefully in the form of body fat. However, the reality of achieving weight loss is far, far more complicated and maintaining lost weight is another giant… Read More